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So you are back to our website ordering Levitra online. We are happy to have you back. Whenever you are visiting our website, do take a few minutes off to visit this spot and read what we put up. We try to come up with some new topics and things that can set you off on a new course of thinking. The idea is to give you some food for thought.

Ask anyone if he is happy, chances are that they would not have thought about it. If the individual is having a good job and enough money to spend, he is likely to qualify himself to be happy. On the other hand there are people who have sufficient money to spend and not much of responsibilities etc but are not happy in life, despite being surrounded with everything that they need.

So what does Happiness mean to you and to every one? We guest the happiness definition and the quotient varies from person to person. While for some of you it could be to have a physically and emotionally fulfilling relationship and life with your spouse. For someone else it could be the bank balance or achieving goals that he set out to achieve.

At another level every one would think that happiness has to do with his marriage, children and general welfare of the family.

There is yet another level at which you feel happy and this happiness transcends the normal relationships and boundaries. When you do something for others and are of use to humanity in one way or the other, it gives you immense happiness which no relationship or money can give you. It makes you happy at a soul level.

Next time when you have a few months time to spare, think of taking up some project as a volunteer and do your bit for the society and see how you feel. If you do have over three months to spare, then you can volunteer yourself to go with one of the international projects to South Africa or India etc. Several agencies and organisations hold medical camps in the rural areas where there is no basic medical facilities available. One of the most innovative projects has been the life line express service or hospital on wheels. A train containing diagnostic services, medical facilities include surgical operating theatre and the works has been made available. The services are provided by the internal community of doctors, nurses and volunteers who serve on the train for varying period of three to six months. The train visits all of the rural areas and camps for a week at site where eye surgeries as well as other minor surgeries are conducted besides opening outpatient facilities for one and all.

Imagine the satisfaction you would get by working as a volunteer on one such project where you are able to make a difference to the people who lack even the basic facilities in life. To be able to do something for someone who is miles away and is not connected to you can be a humbling experience. To see life with its stark nakedness transforms you too. You can find peace having contributed your bit to humanity.

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