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What Is Bothering You?

There is a popular saying that men are babies. This is true in more than one sense. Unlike women men are not very open to expressing their inner most thoughts, fears and sharing them with others. Women tend to unburden themselves very easily. Men tend to carry their emotional baggage with them while women have perfected the art of dropping their baggage now and then and moving on with their lives. Men are slow to make or accept changes while women are highly flexible and take life as it comes.

Therefore men tend to suffer from within many times rather than open up and try to find solutions. Those of you who are buying Levitra online here have been proactive enough to understand you problems and have found the right solution. Besides buying it online, you have found a smart way of getting hold of the essential Levitra without having to spend more time on it.

While Levitra does give you quick solution to increase the blood flow to the penis and thereby help you solve the erectile dysfunction there could be more to it that what meets the normal eye. If you have been avoiding engaging in love making for the last few months and have just cross forties then there could be multiple issues which are confronting you but likely that you are not giving them attention.

Post forties, men head for andropause which is the equivalent of female menopause. Not many men are aware of this fact. During this stage men are bound to suffer from loss of sexual desire due to the reduction in the production levels of testosterone in the body.

If you have been finding reasons to avoid any physical intimacy there can be many more reasons too. While andropause is a stage that you have to pass through in life, you could also be suffering from any other physical or health problems which are making you avoid love making. For example you could be suffering from a lower back pain or a pain in the spine which gets aggravated during intense physical activity. The fear of the pain may be keeping you away from any physical activity including engaging in love making. This could be a subconscious reaction to pain which you may not have not realised.

The other reason could be that you are going through severe anxiety and exhaustion both from your office front as well as home front. There are times when you feel tired and defeated and would just want to be alone, relax and rejuvenate. This could be one such phase where you want to be left alone. If so you have got to admit it for yourself, explain to your spouse and take off somewhere to be by yourself.

Lastly, an inability to engage in lovemaking could be a result of some ill health or problem that is making its way into your system without you having detected it as it is still in the early stages. Lifestyle diseases like diabetes, blood pressure and well as heart ailments can be making your body its home but you may not have detected the presence of the enemy.

It is time now to review for yourself and see where you stand and where you want to head. Follow your heart and everything will be alright.

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