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Non-invasive Impotence Treatments

Impotence can have diverse negative effects not only to the sexual life of a person, but also in life in general. A man suffering from impotence develops low self esteem, inferiority complex and other psychological problems that might affects other areas of personal development. There are times that erectile dysfunction may just be as a result of stress, too much alcohol or insomnia. However, severe or frequent erectile dysfunction can be a symptom of physical illness and therefore it is important to seek treatment from a doctor. With the development of technology in the health industry there are various treatment options available for impotence. There are various forms of treatment with the most common ones being the non-invasive treatments. Non-invasive forms of treatment aim at reducing the risk factors by treating illness, depression, counseling or use of vacuum pumps. When suffering from this problem it is important to start by use of invasive treatment and then turn to injection or other complicated treatments if these methods fail. Below are some of the non-invasive treatments methods that are used to treat impotence.


Medications taken in form of tablets are effective in treating impotence among men. It is mostly recommended that the tablets be taken one hour before sexual intercourse. Some of the common medications recommended include Viagra, Cialis and Levitra. When taking these medications it is advisable to reduce fatty meals and large amount of alcohol that might affect the effectiveness of how the drugs are absorbed into the body. However, it is good to note that medications might have side effects including nasal congestion, headaches and facial flushing. It is advisable to take the medication under medical prescriptions and avoid using over the counter drugs that are used without proper doctor prescriptions.


If the causes of impotence are psychological, this is the most effective form of treatment. Counseling can help a man who may have lost sexual confidence, depressed or stressed that can cause the erectile dysfunction. Psychotherapy also helps reduce taking anti depressant that are known to cause impotence. Professional counselors have the knowledge and skills required to offer support that can help reduce the psychological problem leading to impotence or deal with problems arising because of the impotence which might affect effective human growth and development.

Vacuum device

This is a kind of a pump that is placed over the penis in order to enhance or create blood flow, thus making erection possible. It draws blood into some penile tissues leading to normal erection.

Rubber ring

A rubber ring can be put around the base of the penis to make the penis be rigid enough for normal sexual functioning. A rubber rings is mostly effective when a man can attain normal erection, but fails to maintain it. However, it is worth noting that rubbers rings and devices are not always successful especially if the problem is severe or caused by physiological problems. They also might have side effects including numbness, coldness, ejaculation difficulties and penile pain. It is important to fit the devices properly after effective consultation with a medical expert in order to maximize their efficiency.

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