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Enjoying Your Gold Years

As we grow older, we all know that our body begins to get weaker. A weak body and weaker metabolism further weakens our body immunity. The body is like a rickety old broken down machine.

Thanks to the media people are today able to read and gather information about aging and how to age gracefully. Most of the senior citizens take good care of themselves. They regularly and frequently go in for the diagnostics tests and to monitor various parameters that are important.

We generally tend to think that the majority of the aged people have to watch out for signs of cancer, heart attack and other ailments connected to heart, blood pressure as well as blood sugar and cholesterol. This is quite essentially. However besides this there are several other conditions that plague the body at this age.

Enjoying Your Gold Years

Most of the senior citizens happen to need good dental care. Managing their teeth and the dentures becomes very important. Besides they are susceptible to gum diseases due to weak immunity.

Apart from dental problems one other problem that plagues most of the senior citizens is the hemorrhoids. Due to various factors including the genetic make up of the body as well as hormonal changes due to aging and the dietary and lifestyle habits of the people, they tend to develop hemorrhoids. These are also called as piles in the common language.

Hemorrhoids are the vascular structures that are found lining the anal canal. Their main function is to aid the connective tissues in pushing and controlling the flow of stools. These structures when become swollen and inflamed, they cause rectal bleeding as well as extreme pain while passing stools. In case of old people, it becomes very difficult to bear this pain which does not allow them to even sit down on a chair comfortably.

Of course in most cases piles occur and disappear after a few days to reoccur again. If the swelling becomes too much and unbearable doctors would need to resort to surgical intervention rather than try to cure with topical agents and suppositories.

So it becomes important for senior citizens to monitor their lifestyle and habits to ensure they do not fall prey to hemorrhoids. They can effectively prevent this by ensuring they take extra fiber supplement along with their food as well as increase their intake of liquids and water. Normally one would be taking a lot of vitamin and other medications. Therefore it is essential that additional fiber is consumed on daily basis to keep the digestive systems and excretory systems working fine. Just with these two things they can very well manage to prevent as well as control piles. Of course with advanced age it may not be possible for everyone to do exercises to keep the body flexible and all muscles working. But then wherever possible it is better to go for long walks. More importantly you should maintain clean and regular bowel habits. This too holds the key to managing and preventing piles.

With a little bit of careful attention and preventive care, old age can be comfortable and enjoyable too.

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